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Nanotechnology, which works by manipulating molecular structures and atom, is crucial in our daily life. This technology facilitates the research and development in many industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries, food, biomedicine, any many more!



Pronanosomes are ready-to-use formulations for a quick and easy creation of nanovesículas, which are capable of encapsulating a wide variety of compounds such as hydrophilic and lipophilic molecules, peptides, proteins.


Nanovex Biotechnologies offers high-quality nanoparticles to provide our customers with a reliable alternative in the development of their own applications.

TumorGreen and TumorRed are fluorescent nanoparticles, suitable for in vivo imaging. They are able to obtain images of circulation, blood vessels, and vasculature. Furthermore, they can also help to identify vascular leakage, including those associated with various stages of oncological and ophthalmological lesions.

Alloyed Gold-Silver Nanoparticles prepared according to an adaptated citrate reduction method.
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