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Microjet: Autoclave Sterilization by microwave technology

Autoclave with microwave technology. Personal autoclave, compact and fast. Sterilization temperature of 135 ° C. Processing time between 7 and 15 min. Volume of the chamber: 2 L. For bottles and bottles of glass and plastic.

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Microjet Autoclave

  • Compared with the traditional steam autoclave, the duration of the sterilization process decreases 5 times, and exposure to high temperature is very short (60-90 seconds). Decomposition of the components of the microbiological environment is minimized.

  • In the MICROJET autoclave, the thermal energy required for sterilization is applied directly to the medium.

  • The energy source is microwaved, so that the entire volume of the liquid is heated immediately and evenly.

  • The MICROJET autoclave is intuitive and requires no additional training. All you need to start the appliance is a standard electrical outlet. When the appliance is switched on, the appliance starts working immediately.


Sterilization temperature 135 ºC
Time exposure to sterilization temperature  25 s
Warm-up time 1,5 - 4,5 min
Cooling time Aprox. 4 - 12 min
Temperature after completing the process 95 ºC
Processing time 7- 15 min
Operation pressure 3,6 bar
Maximum pressure 5 bar
Maximum energy consumed  8 A
Potential output 0,95 kW
Power supply 1 ~ 230V/50Hz


Microjet Autoclave Specifications

Compact design, small size, and light weight make it can be installed anywhere, only need a power outlet.  


All the functions put on the touch screen which also shows the sterilization process.  


    Liquid media such as microbiological media, buffer solutions, carbohydrate solutions or water may be sterilized in standard laboratory containers with a capacity of 100 to 500 ml, resistant to a temperature of up to 135 ° C (glass or plastic: PMP, PP, PTEE and FEP).


  • STORAGE AND DATA READING:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The course of each sterilization is automatically saved on the memory card. Data saved in a format compatible with GLP, can be copied to any computer and can be read using software included in ENVIO Data Viewer.


Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 280x280x427 mm
Processing chamber volume 2 dm3
Frecuency of Electromagnetic waves 2450 MHz
Protection IP 20
Data storage microSD card


SENDER Data Viewer Program:


It has ISO certificates and Pharmacopeia (pdf attached)

For more information about Microjet autoclave, write us at info@solmeglas.com

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